Tiffen IRND 4x5.65 filter set


TIffen IRND filters eliminate Infrared bleed above 700nm, allowing for the use of heavier grades of Neutral Density filters needed for large sensor cameras while retaining complete color balance.

Tiffen IRND filters provide a true neutral density beyond the visible range into the near infra-red. IRND filters incorporate Tiffen’s unique ColorCore™ technology that sandwiches the coating within the filter and allows for easy cleaning without fear of damaging the filter as with surface coated filters. These innovative new filters are made from the finest optically pure glass and are ground and polished to the highest possible standards of flatness and perfect parallelism.

What's Included
  • TIffen 4x5.65 IRND 0.3 filter
  • TIffen 4x5.65 IRND 0.6 filter
  • TIffen 4x5.65 IRND 0.9 filter
  • TIffen 4x5.65 IRND 1.2 filter
  • TIffen 4x5.65 IRND 1.5 filter
  • TIffen 4x5.65 Optical Flat
  • in their protective pouches