Arri ALEXA Plus 4:3 camera system


The ALEXA Plus 4:3 has similar functionality to the ALEXA Plus but features a 4:3 Super 35 sensor and the ability to switch from 16:9 sensor mode to 4:3 sensor mode.

The ALEXA Plus adds integrated wireless remote control, the ARRI Lens Data System (LDS), additional outputs, lens synchronization for 3D, and built-in position and motion sensors. It shares ALEXA's image performance, simplicity of operation, reliability in extreme environments and versatility of workflow, and is available either as part of a complete camera package or as an upgrade for the original ALEXA.

An advanced electronics side cover permits real-time wired or wireless remote control of camera REC/STOP and lens functions like focus and aperture.

The lens mount of the Plus model incorporates LDS contacts, allowing lens data and depth of field to be displayed in the viewfinder or on monitors, and making speed/iris ramps easier. Lens metadata can be recorded using ProRes, HD-SDI or ARRIRAW.

With the ALEXA 4:3 cameras, the full area of the sensor is used and a much higher image quality retained. The 4:3 sensor area also allows for more vertical repositioning in post, a feature that is appreciated by those shooting (and posting) commercials. In addition, the unique optical characteristics of anamorphic lenses – the magic at the heart of anamorphic cinematography – are rendered faithfully and fully in the digital image.

The ALEXA Plus 4:3 also comes equipped with 120 fps high speed functionality as standard.


  • 35 format ALEV III CMOS

Sensor pixel count

  • 2880 x 2160

Base sensitivity

  • EI 800

Exposure latitude

  • 14 stops for all sensitivity settings

Aspect ratio of sensor area used

  • 16:9 or 4:3

Frame rates

  • 0.75 - 120 fps 16:9, 0.75 - 48 fps 4:3


  • ARRI Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1

Sound level

  • < 20 dB(A)

Lens mount

  • 54 mm PL

In-camera recording

  • Apple QuickTime/ProRes or Avid MXF/DNxHD files with embedded audio, timecode and metadata, recording to 2x SxS PRO memory cards

Recording outputs

  • Uncompressed 1920 x 1080 HD-SDI video (16:9 only), 2880 x 1620 ARRIRAW (16:9) or 2880 x 2160 ARRIRAW (4:3)

Lens Data System (LDS)

  • Yes

Integrated radio modem for wireless remote control

  • Yes


  • 7.0 kg/15.4 lbs (body only), 8.4 kg/18.5 lbs (body, EVF-1, mounting bracket, cable & camera handle)


  • L 332 mm W 175 mm H 158 mm (body only)
What's Included
  • DTE SxS module
  • Electronic Viewfinder (EVF-1)
  • Viewfinder Mounting Bracket (VMB-2)
  • Viewfinder Cable Short (0.35m/1.2ft) KC 150-S
  • Center Camera Handle (CCH-1)
  • Alexa Ethernet/RJ-45 Cable (3m) KC153-S
  • Wedge Adapter (WA-1) 
  • SD card, 2 GB 
  • SxS Pro card set (5x SxS 64Gb cards)
  • Alexa 12v Accessory cable KC154-SP-S
  • Handle Extension block HEB-2
  • Shoulder Pad SP-3
  • Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-1
  • Viewfinder Cable Medium (0.65m) KC-151-S
  • Bridge plate adapter BPA-1
  • Leveling Block LB-1
  • Battery back mount for V-lock batteries
  • Bridge plate BP12 set
  • Pair of 240mm Lightweight aluminium 15mm rods
  • in an Alexa Flight case
332.00mm × 175.00mm × 158.00mm