Hawkwoods On-board Battery Set


The RP range of 26Volt batteries have been specifically designed for running high voltage cameras, like the Arri Alexa.

All feature a male V-Mount type fitting which is compatible with the Reel Power range of chargers, adaptors and fittings.The RP-100M battery has low resistance Manganese cells, uniquely providing both fast charge and discharge rates.Using the RP2X2L charger, the RP-100M Reel Power battery will typically fast charge in approximately 120 minutes.

  • Dimensions HxWxD(cm): 15.4 x8.4 x6.4
  • Weight: 1099g
  • Output: 26V 100W 
  • Manganese Cells 
  • Quick Charge Functionality 
  • Quick Discharge Functionality 
  • Energy Level Indicator 
What's Included
  • 4 x Hawkwoods RP-100M V- Lock battery

  • Hawkwoods V-lock 26V adapter

  • Hawkwoods RP-4x4 Charger